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ProfitRamp helps companies change the game by building the skills and disciplines of Leadership, Innovation, Sales & Marketing.

ProfitRamp brings together experts from multiple disciplines and industries to drive sustained transformation for individuals, organizations and institutions of all sizes, across all industries. A sampling of some of the most successful engagements we’ve run.

When you engage ProfitRamp or when you purchase "The Innovator’s Field Guide" or "The Top Performers Field Guide" you not only receive the critical support you're looking for to further your own goals and objectives, but you are also making a conscious decision to help innovators and entrepreneurs further their goals and objectives and in this way, you help change the world. 
Our Solutions
10x Sales
For companies of all sizes, across all industries that want to rapidly and massively grow their sales by building a high-performance sales engine
Corporate Innovation
For companies, institutions & organizations of all sizes, that want to drive more innovative thinking & problem-solving
Executive & Leadership
For everyone from individual entrepreneurs & small business owners, to leaders in established companies who need a fresh perspective or who need help navigating a rapidly changing environment
Leadership & Team
Development Accelerator
For new and established leaders who need to grow their impact, accelerate the achievements of their teams, and/or build a culture of world-class performance drive by world-class leadership
Succession & Exit Planning
for SMBs
For small, medium business owners who are looking to transition their business to new owners while maximizing they retain from that transition
Peak Performance
For companies of all sizes, across all industries who want to maximize the individual contributions of their employees by cultivating the tenets of Peak Performance.
How Does All Of That Tie Together You Ask?
10x Sales Accelerator 
Attention Startup Founders, Top Sales Perfromers & Small Business Owners!
"Dr. Standridge will give you a precise selling process that will drastically improve your closing rates, creating a firm foundation for 10x Sales Acceleration!"
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Dr. Standridge, if I choose to work with you and I am selected, I can find a way to invest in my future with NO DRAMA, no delay, no 'stories', no 'my dog ate my homework'. just a focus on getting results. 

Ryke Dismuke

“The task of taking vision to a reality seemed very daunting at first, but Jeff Standridge enabled, coached, and gave me the confidence to enthusiastically push through that process. His insight is always structured, clear, logical and most of all, effective. I could not have navigated this process as efficiently without his help. “

Ryke Dismuke
CEO, Golf IQ

Todd Greer 

“I have worked with and around Jeff for over a decade. Jeff is a tenacious business leader and attacks challenges with a no-nonsense, thoughtful, innovator’s mindset. Equally important, he is an expert at the “human-factor,” which can completely undermine an academic approach to problem solving, and he interlaces his understanding of psychology and sociology with his many years of practical experience to produce results.”

Todd Greer
CEO, SpotRight, Inc. 

                 Will Spero
                                “Jeff is amazing. His sales acceleration program was not only                                           spot on, and customized for our way of business, it motivated                                         the salespeople to put more effort into their craft.” 

                                Will Spero
                                CEO, Mailer's Haven

Eduardo Ramalho

“Jeff is an outstanding person. He has a unique capability to address and overcome professional challenges without losing the human face of the business. His international expertise is amazing. He manages and respects cultural differences and knows like anybody how to make the business grow and become profitable, all with a great sense of humor and friendship. He is a natural leader who motivates his people to work and focus on solving difficult business problems.”

Eduardo Ramalho
Consultant, Speaker and Professor, former CEO of Acxiom Brazil

About Dr. Standridge
Learn from an Innovative Entrepreneur & Business Mentor, Dr. Jeff Standridge
Dr. Jeff D. Standridge helps organizations and their leaders generate sustained results in the areas of innovation, strategy, profit growth, organizational effectiveness and leadership.

Formerly a Vice President for Acxiom Corporation, he has led established and startup business units in North & South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Jeff serves as Chief Catalyst for the Conductor (, is Co-founder of Cadron Capital Partners, and teaches in the College of Business at the University of Central Arkansas (

Dr. Standridge has been an invited speaker, trainer and consultant for numerous companies, institutions and organizations across five continents. He is also a two-time best-selling author of “The Innovator’s Field Guide: Accelerators for Entrepreneurs, Innovators & Change Agents, and“The Top Performer’s Field Guide: Catalysts for Leaders, Innovators & All Who Aspire to Be.” In addition to his executive coaching and custom-tailored consulting, he has received accolades for his World Class presentations, training programs and workshops.

He and his wife, Lori, make their home in Conway, Arkansas.
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Dr. Jeff Standridge and his team of Innovation Partners combine the daily disciplines of innovation with leading-edge sales practices and world-class leadership to drive exceptional results for organizations, institutions, leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs. They've helped numerous investors, entrepreneurs and organizations, from private equity funds to portfolio companies and from large organizations to solo practitioners.
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